Alyssa Long

Alyssa Long is the owner and head (okay, only) maker at Measured and Slow. She picked up knitting over a decade ago, and has been acquiring more crafting techniques ever since.  Knitting will always be her first love, but she also adores quilting, sewing, and basket making, along with quite a few other arts! She's always enjoyed making and giving away things to her loved ones, and as more people saw her work, they started asking where they could buy it. There was never enough time in the day to consider starting a business, but in 2013, she had to stop working at her day job due to illness, and decided to take the opportunity to see if she could turn making into a more than a hobby. She feels a lot better these days, and is thrilled that her little business is growing every day. She lives in Seattle on an amateur urban farm, with her husband, their puppy, four (yes, four!) cats, chickens, bees, and their bunny. 

She chose the name Measured and Slow from one of her favorite poems, Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein (found in the book of the same name). This book was the first one she ever received, and it has been a constant favorite throughout her life. She thinks Measured and Slow is a good motto for a lot of things in life, but especially for making.

Alyssa sells her pieces on Etsy and Amazon Handmade. She also takes commissions, so if you have an idea for an item or color combo that you don't see in the store, please feel free to email her at measuredandslow@icloud.com to talk about a custom order! Examples of her past work can be found here.