WIP - the husband sweater

My husband Kyle has been asking for a sweater for...about ever, at this point. He specifically asked for a fisherman sweater - meaning aran, with cables. It turned out to be much harder than I thought to find a pattern we both liked, so I started one that was in a more plain pattern but with a yarn that I loved. It was super soft baby alpaca chunky yarn in a navy blue, and I pretty much just wanted it on my needles right away. This is a mistake I often make even after my years of knitting, and it usually leads to trouble. True to form, it just was not meant to be for the husband sweater - things weren't measuring right, I had to frog several times, and it was not by ANY means a washable yarn. Plus, it wasn't the fancy cables he had requested. Neither of us was happy, so it was back to the drawing board. Enter this pattern. I saw it and immediately emailed it to Kyle, who approved it right away. This time I went with a washable yarn in brown as he had originally requested (he likes neutrals, I like rainbows...it is the cause of some conflict in our household :P). The result is making us both much happier:


 I did replace the X and O cables with a simpler climbing cable, just because he wasn't a giant fan of the way they were originally, and I think it fit in well overall with the look of the sweater. By far my favorite part, though, is the middle cable; it's fairly simple to do but looks very complicated (my favorite!):

ImageI only have one sleeve left to finish, so I'm going to try REALLY hard to get it done before the warmer weather hits us. Of course here in Seattle we're sometimes wearing these kinds of sweaters into July, so I suppose there's no giant rush...except for how long it's taken the crafter's husband to get a handmade sweater!