Slippers for Jameson

I have three younger brothers, and the youngest, Jameson,  is ten. He was visiting this last weekend and saw that I was knitting some slippers (more on those later), and asked if I would make him a green pair. I've been working on some bigger, more complicated projects lately, and since he was with us all weekend, I decided to take a break from those projects and make him some simple, quick knit slippers. These were what came out of it:

ImageThe yarn is a leftover spring green that I had just enough of - I have no idea what color or brand it is! The pattern I made up as I went (thinking about writing it up as a separate post, anyone interested in that?). Since the feet they would go on were next to me on the couch, I started at the toe and knit in one piece so that I could judge size as it got closer to being done:

ImageThe end there that looks like a head got folded over and stitched to become the toe part of the slipper. Most of it is knit in garter stitch, which I think is sometimes a nice change of pace (as long as the project is small!). Jameson tends to be hard on his clothes, so I wanted as few seams as possible, and with that in mind I just Kitchner stitched (awesome tutorial here) the back heels:

ImageIt broke with the garter stitch, obviously, but I kind of like how it looks, and the only Kitchner stitch I've mastered is the one for stockinette :P. They turned out pretty cute, especially for a something I was just winging.

And the most most important verdict, from the slipper recipient? "Super cool!"