Finished Project - Husband Sweater!

The husband sweater is FINALLY done!


Husband is so happy about this, he had to give a little dance: 


As I said previously, the sweater started out as this one, but I changed it pretty significantly, so I suppose now I should qualify it as being "based on" that sweater. I changed the side XO cables to a simple lattice cable, and I did a crew neck collar instead of the shawl wrap; when Kyle asked for a sweater, he specifically mentioned cables and a round collar, and I think this fits the bill pretty well. My favorite feature was how the sleeves came together with the front and back; they're a raglan-type shaping and were a breeze to seam. 

He wore it with his favorite jacket and hat and looked like a million bucks:


The only downside? I finished it right as we hit a heat wave here in Seattle. Not to worry, though,  the rain always comes back around here, so he'll get to wear it soon :).