WIP - Midsummer Aran Sweater

Friends, I have a problem. A knitting problem, in case you hadn't figured that out. I was going along just fine, getting some work done on projects that I actually have to finish, when I got the new Interweave Knits Magazine in the mail. I fell in love with EVERY SINGLE PROJECT, but especially the Midsummer Aran (photo from the Interweave magazine):

ImageI decided to use the leftover Caron SImply Soft in Passion (from the striped blanket) and pretty much immediately cast on:


I love this color, and the yarn is really soft, so I'm looking forward to being able to test it out. I also love that it's knit in one piece to the arms - seams can be useful in construction but generally they're a pain, especially when lace is involved. I'm a perfectionist (as are most knitters), and I will obsessively take out and re-sew a seam if the lace panels don't match. The middle cable is beautiful, and now that the husband sweater is all done, I needed a new cable project:


I'm so excited to finish it! And after that...I'll be making every other pattern in this issue :P.