Finished Project - Zigzag Crochet Blanket

So, it's June. But I started working on a blanket anyway. I know. But in my defense, we've been having a little "Juneuary" around Seattle (it doesn't actually rain all the time here, but lately it feels like it), and we only have one couch blankie. So, I decided to crochet another one.


I had quite a bit of the purple color already, and got a few more balls to finish it out. The cream color I didn't have as much of, and couldn't remember the brand, so I just did two rows of cream for every 10 rows of purple to break it up. I left the edges zigzagged instead of making them straight, although it would have made it easier for folding reasons.


I haven't crocheted in a while, and I forgot that it takes a bit more yarn than knitting does, but that's really my only complaint. The pattern was really easy, just a one row repeat, and then I finished the side edges by crocheting two rows of cream to even it out and make it look "framed". It's just wide enough for one person, and long enough to cover my feet to my chest.


I love it, and so does someone else:


Her life is so rough, right?