My Shawl

We're still full of moving boxes here at Measured and Slow Headquarters (pictures of our cute new house to come as soon as said boxes are out of here!), so today's post is a project that was finished a while ago - my wedding shawl.  I was a little busy at our actual wedding and neglected to get any good pictures of it, but this weekend I had the opportunity to wear it again, so I drafted my husband to get a few snaps.


I actually decided on the yarn (Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace, in color Pixie Pink) for my shawl before decided on anything else for the wedding, which says a lot about my general life priorities :P. I've used this yarn several times in various colors and patterns for shawls, and I absolutely love knitting with it. It's 70% alpaca and 30% silk, which means it's incredibly soft and warm, and it blocks out beautifully. It does tend to shed a bit, like most alpaca based yarns, so that's something to watch out for, but it's more than worth it in my opinion.

I then had to pick a pattern, so of course I turned to Ravelry. I knew that I wanted something really intricate and challenging, and after much debate decided on the Heliotaxis Pi pattern by Renata Brenner. I love how the whole thing is different leaf and flower designs - they flow together really well without being repetitive. The pattern itself was very easy to follow, but required my full attention, especially on the rows that changed from one design to the next. It was also the first time I'd knit a circular shawl, so I tried the cast on a few different ways before settling on one that I was happy with. Circular shawls aren't as practical as far as wearing goes, but are so pretty when worn full length:



I usually wear it folded in half, though, which keeps it from dragging through who knows what, and helps warmth wise:


We got married outdoors last August, and it was perfect for when the sun started going down. I've since worn it to a few different functions, and it's worked with all different outfits and events. Definitely worth all the time it took!