Finished Project - the Simply Marilyn Sweater

The Simply Marilyn Sweater is all done!

ImageI loved making this - it was an easy, quick (or would have been, if I could focus :P) knit, and it turned out beautifully. I think I will narrow up the collar a bit - shawl collars can be tricky and I'd like it to stay up just a little bit easier. Other than that, it fits great!

ImageThe cable is really, really simple but looks really nice, and holding the yarn doubled made the sweater super warm. Unfortunately, it's a bit too warm for right now, so I've only been able to wear it once. It was a hit, though! I had lots of people tell me how pretty it was, so I'm feeling good about it :). The weather has finally turned to fall-ish temperatures in the last few days, so I have high hopes for getting to wear it on a regular basis soon!


In the meantime, it's perfect for early foggy mornings playing with the puppy :).