Hanging Planter

Meet Edgar, the tiny Zebrina Pendula (or Wandering Jew, if you prefer) plant:

ImageEdgar was impulse purchased on a recent trip to Ikea - I had one of these plants before we moved, but it sadly did not survive the summer or the move. I really love the way the leaves look, though, so I'm happy I found a new one, and a surprisingly healthy one at that (especially for being from Ikea).

When Edgar starts growing, the stems will start to wander (hence the name, I guess) down over the sides of the planter, so it's perfect for a hanging plant. I happen to have tons of hooks to hang plants from the ceiling in our new house, but the plastic hanging baskets are so ugly, and usually pretty small. I've looked all over for some of those knotted hanging holders (or any holders), but I had a lot of trouble finding any, and the ones I did find were pretty ugly. So, as usually happens around here, I made my own:

IMG_2562I used some bits of leftover yarn, tied around a key ring and then braided and knotted.


IMG_2588It was an easy and quick DIY that I think looks really good hanging in our bathroom; Edgar is joining the spider plant, Milton, and our resident pink flamingo in there :P.

IMG_2596I think the only thing I'll change when I make another one is to sew a circle of fabric at the bottom instead of knotting it - I'm not crazy about the raw ends hanging down, but it's okay for now. I already have designs started for another one...I'm thinking I'll try crocheting one this time!