I was commissioned to make a quilt recently of hexies in blues, grays, and yellows. I've never done hexies before, so I was really excited to try them, and I can now report that they are as addicting as everyone says! I'm about halfway done (I'm english paper piecing these bad boys) and these are just a few of the fabrics I've used:Image

I wanted a nice mixture of fabrics, and I'm pretty excited about how they're all going to look together. So far, these three are my favorites:


That octopus fabric is in serious running to be my favorite pattern ever, and when I have time I'm totally making a dress out of it.

I've been storing my hexies in a vase, but I'm rapidly outgrowing it...anybody have good suggestions for storage of these little guys?


I think I've decided that I'm going to pattern them in groups of each color, like so:


But chevrons have also been mentioned, and I think it might be interesting to put hexagons and chevrons in the same quilt...stay tuned!