Knitted Star Blocks

We finally have a guest room with an actual real bed, but right now it's a little naked. I decided to start a blanket for it, and settled on these blocks from Knitty. I like the idea of knitting a quilt block, as those continue to be my two main obsessions :). For the yarn, I went with Cascade 220 Superwash Sport in these colors: IMG_2878

My youngest brother is the one who stays in the guest room the most often (in fact, he calls it his room), so he got to pick the colors. He originally wanted red and black, since he's a huge Manchester United fan, but that got vetoed pretty quickly...other people might want to stay in the guest room someday :P. So, we settled on green and blue (incidentally, green and blue are the colors for our local soccer team, the Sounders, of which he is also a fan, but I'm willing to compromise). The test block is pretty, although I think I may want a slightly smaller gauge. The drape is great, but it's a bit looser than I'd like for a blanket.


I also think I've changed my mind about what I want for upstairs; a knitted blanket won't be heavy enough, I think, and is also a bit more likely to get snagged by a small boy and the large dog who sleeps with him when he's here. So, I think I'm going to re-knit the blocks with smaller needles and make them into a baby blanket.  For upstairs, I think I'll make a quilt in blues and greens. But that's a project for another day!

I also got a lovely package in the mail yesterday: a bundle of Stella Dot fabric!


Pink Castle Fabrics (they are awesome, and their sale section is on extra sale this weekend!) has a deal of the day thing going; you sign up for the newsletter, and they email you each morning with one thing that is on super sale. It's always incredibly tempting! The bundle of Stella Dot ran a few weeks ago, but by the time I got around to ordering, they were out. I was really bummed, so when it came around again a little while ago, I jumped right on it. I am so in love with these patterns, and I already have plans for these pretties.

So that's what's new in the craft room ; here's what's new in the backyard:


The chickens are officially moved outside, and we got a big exercise pen so that they can hang out with the bunnies - this is them meeting for the first time without a gate in between them! A bigger update (with better pictures) is coming next week :).