Dapper Ghosties!

Meet Boo and Eek, the dapper ghosts!


The inspiration for these little guys came from the current issue of Stuffed Magazine. It's pretty much a big book of softies eye candy, so if you're into making stuffed toys or decorations, you should definitely check it out. They publish twice a year and while not every one of the projects was my cup of tea, a lot of them are to cute enough make it worth the sticker price. One of the artists featured was Candice Wirth; I wasn't able to find a picture of her original ghosts, but they are cuter than mine, I assure you!

They are crazy simple to make, if you're so inclined. I traced a ghost shape onto some white felt that I had laying around - I wasn't precise about it, just freehanded it and then cut out four pieces (since I was making two).


On the side that would be the front, I free motioned the faces and the "Boo" and "Eek" with black thread. And, of course, the bow ties! The original ghosties had arms and no bow ties, but I couldn't find a good place on mine to put arms. The eyes are just tiny circles of black felt that I hot glued on.


I left the ends raw and continued to use my free motion foot to sew an outline. It gives it a little bit of a "my five year old drew this" vibe, but I think it works :P. The bottom is a circle of more white felt, so that each ghost will stand up on his own.


I tried to give them different faces, at least a little bit. None of it was drawn on or planned ahead, which is sort of scary and fun at the same time.


I'm really happy with how cute they turned out, so I kind of wanted to keep them, but they found a new home with my mother-in-law, Leslie. She loves Autumn and Halloween, so they were a nice addition to her collection of decorations :). Guess I'll just have to make more!