Finished Project - Binary Rain Wall Hanging

I finished my wall hanging just in time, and I have to say, I'm incredibly proud of this one. I thought I'd start with the long view, since this one is meant to hang on a wall and it'll be seen from a distance most of the time. IMG_3193

But here's a closer look:


I ended up quilting it in lines that were about a quarter inch apart; I knew that I wanted it the background to be fairly closely quilted so that the rain drops would stand out. Let me tell you, I was glad this one was comparatively pretty tiny when I was an hour in and not even halfway through the quilting, but it it was so worth it! The thread is a gray Mettler Silk Finish Cotton, and I was really pleased with how smoothly it quilted.


After it was quilted, I bound it in some more gray scraps so that I'd be able to place the drops in the right place, and then I whip stitched those into place. There was a lot more hand sewing in this one than I usually do, and I really enjoyed it.



I love the contrast between the rain drops and the background; they pop out in just the way I was going for. The only thing left to do was sign the back, which I did in pink, of course.


One of the things that I love most is that this quilt was made entirely of scraps; I didn't buy any materials for it and improvised when I had to (0f course, it helps when you have a somewhat extensive scrap/fabric collection, as my husband pointed out :P). After a sleeve and label were added, it's was on it's way to Island Quilter on Vashon Island, where it will hang along with the rest of the guild's fabulous creations starting in January. If you're in the Seattle area next month, go check it out!