More Stockings!

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! I'm running around putting finishing touches on things and doing some last minute wrapping, but I wanted to share the stockings I made for us this year!


We don't actually have a chimney to hang them by, so I made do with our porch. The first one is for my youngest brother; he's ten, and thought that the green fabric looked Sounders green (the Sounders are our local soccer team). I lined it with some blue scrap fabric to make the cuff and used a ribbon for the loop (I actually used the same kind of ribbon on all of these).


The second one is for me. I used the last of a jelly roll of Aneela Hoey's Sew Stitchy line - I've been saving the green and red strips since the summer for this purpose. It's based on a picture I saw somewhere (which I can't find right now, so if anyone knows where the ruffled stocking idea originated, please let me know!), but I kind of winged it and came up with how to actually sew it one my own.


I love how it looks like different shades of red and green, and of course the sewing notion prints are very me :).


My mom liked the one I made for me so much that she wanted that design for hers, so I made some strips out of some Michael Miller fat quarters that had polka dots. The ruffles sewed up a little bigger, which turned out to be a bit harder to work with, but I think it still turned out well.


And last but not least, we have the one I made for my husband. It turns out that he has very definite ideas about Christmas stockings, and my attempts to talk him in to a more modern looking one met with serious resistance. He was stubborn about only two fabrics and originally wanted just plain stripes, but eventually settled on chevrons. I didn't really follow a pattern for this one either, just made the zig zags out of triangles and then cut the stocking shape out of the resulting fabric. It's very lightly quilted in straight lines down the seams, with only a backing fabric, no batting in the middle. He also asked for the more traditional furry cuff (repurposed off an old stocking that was bought in a store). I didn't give in all that gracefully about making what I kept calling a boring design, but I actually think it turned out really nicely and my husband is very happy with it :P.


So there you have it, four stockings made this year! They're all packed and ready to take to my mom's house tonight, and hopefully they'll hold all the goodies Santa leaves :).

Zoey the (wannabe) Christmas reindeer and everyone else at Measured and Slow headquarters wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday, and we'll see you all post festivities!

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