Feathernest Raglan

Remember the Simply Marilyn sweater? Let me refresh your memory: IMG_2541

Well...it's been frogged. You see, it was already a bit big to begin with, and I've lost some weight in the last few months, so a bit big turned into a lot big. This particular pattern is difficult to alter after the sweater is all done, so I either had to frog it and redo the same sweater, or frog it and use the yarn for a different sweater. After wearing this one for a few months, I had a couple of issues with it; one, the neckline tends to slip way too far down. I think this is partly a function of how big it was on me, but I think it was also partly the way that the cowl part is knit. The other issue was that it was just too warm! We don't get super cold winters here in Seattle to begin with, and it seems like it's been warmer than normal lately, so doubling up the yarn was maybe not the best choice.

I made my one of my sisters in law the Feathernest Raglan for Christmas, and I loved this pattern. I made hers in a green (this is obviously an in progress shot).


I was really happy with how her sweater turned out; the short row collar is genius, and the shaping is very subtle but makes sure it drapes beautifully. I've been meaning to make one for me, and I really do love the wine color of this yarn, so I decided that the frogged yarn will now be a Feathernest for me!

This is my progress after a couple of days (it's knit from the top down).


The yarn is pretty crinkly, but that should block out. The pattern is easy to get down once you've done a few rounds, but the short row collar takes some effort, and working the increased stitches into the pattern is tricky, so that's something to keep in mind if you're wanting a simple knit.

And...I'll probably have enough yarn for two sweaters :P.