Riley Blake Challenge Quilt ("Aquatic")

I mentioned a little while ago that I was doing another challenge with the Modern Quilt Guild, and I finally finished it with a day to spare on the deadline! The challenge was to use different Riley Blake "basic" cotton fabrics (provided by Riley Blake and distributed by the guild) to make anything you wanted, as long as it was quilted. You could add in any other Riley Blake print, or any other solid (by any company) that you wanted. This is what I came up with: IMG_3717

I got a Quick Curve ruler for Christmas, and after procrastinating for way too long, I decided to put it to use. I sewed strips of each fabric together, then used the Quick Curve to cut the crescents. Let me just say, I love this ruler. I got it for a wedding ring pattern I'm doing (more to come on that), but it's incredibly versatile for other patterns and I'll definitely be experimenting with it more.



After each crescent was cut, I used the appliqué method from my Binary Rain Quilt to hand stitch them into a sort of trail. The background fabric is just one big piece of cotton. For the quilting, I traced the trail in lines that got progressively further apart; this was my husband's suggestion and it turned out great. It's very different from my usual impulse to quilt things really densely, and I think it looks like waves or ripples. 


I used my new walking foot (which I finally figured out how to install correctly) to quilt the curves, and I was pleasantly surprised with how even the stitches turned out...I guess it deserves all that hype! The thread is Mettler Silk Finish, which I think may be my favorite to quilt with. It makes such smooth stitches and is really pretty all by itself. I even love how the back turned out.


The binding is a dark navy satin. I've never bound a quilt in satin and I'm not sure how I feel about it on this particular quilt, but I think it would be nice on a baby quilt. I may change the binding at some point if it really starts to bother me, but overall I'm really happy with it. I'm calling it "Aquatic" because the trail reminds me of the path that our aquarium snail makes when he wanders around on the side of the tank, and for the ripple effect of the quilting. You can see some examples of other great things made out of these same fabrics over at the Modern Quilt Guild blog, or by searching twitter for #mqgrileyblakechallenge, and if you must have the one that I made, it's for sale over at my Etsy shop!