Polka dots and flannel baby quilt

Today I have a quick little project that turned out great: IMG_3753

The brown fabric was a heavy cotton that's been in my stash for a while; originally it was going to be a skirt, but there wasn't quite enough of it to go around. The flannel baby print was a remnant that I picked up on sale somewhere. I've been trying to evaluate my fabric stash and use up the odds and ends to make room, and I have no idea why I didn't see that these two would be perfect together sooner.

I wanted a quick project and didn't particularly want to hand bind (I'm hand stitching a lot of the Hexie quilt so I'm a bit on overload as far as hand sewing goes), so I just sewed the pieces together with the right sides together and quilt batting on one side, then turned it right side out through a little gap.  I topstitched with Mettler thread in a dark chocolate color, and I'm really happy with how even and straight my walking foot is getting my stitches these days.


Here's the part I'm really excited about, though: I've been practicing my free motioning (I've been doing a bunch of tutorials from Leah Day over at the Free Motion Quilting Project, but I haven't been brave enough to show any yet!) and I decided to free form letters on this one. I used my darning foot to write "love" in cursive a few times, and it turned out really cute.


It's harder to see in this one, but this is how it looks full length.


You can't really see it at all on the back, but that's okay since the writing would be backwards :P.


I think next time I'll do smaller writing closer together, so that it's a little more densely quilted, but it worked out well for an experiment! If you like it, this quilt is available in my Etsy store :).

And since it's been a while, here's Penny the bunny hopping over to give it her sniff of approval :).