Couch Pillow from a button down shirt

Sorry for the lack of postings last week; my husband and I both came down with a slight plague and not much got done around here. I'm still recovering, but I did get a project done that's been on my table for a while: IMG_3779

This pillow started out life as a men's button down shirt:


The shirt is basically synthetic fabric, so I wasn't wild about making it into something to wear, but I really loved the color. We also recently upgraded our bedroom pillows, so we have a bunch of extra pillows hanging out, and I decided to turn one of them and the shirt it into another couch pillow.

For some reason I always think it's easier to not measure anything (this inevitably leads to having to redo stuff, but I always manage to forget that), so I just traced the pillow I was using with some tailor's chalk, keeping the buttons in the middle (I had previously removed the pocket, since I thought it would look weird sideways).


This pillow is slightly smaller and more dense than a regular head pillow; since it was being repurposed from the bedroom to the couch, I packed the feathers a little more tightly and re-sewed one end. Once I had it marked, I just sewed four straight seams and cut away the rest of the shirt.


Now, you may notice that the corners bow out quite a bit; after trying it on the pillow, it made the corners too pointy, so I ended up going back and making the lines more straight. I could have avoided this by measuring or following a pattern, but it didn't end up taking too long to fix, so I can't really complain that much. The nice thing about keeping the buttons is that it's a built in place to insert the pillow, so no envelope opening or zippers needed.

It was an easy, quick update, matches the decor in our living room, and looks great with the existing pillows (I am obsessed with the purple and teal color combo, as my husband will attest). If you've got old clothes you've been saving, this is a great way to use them up!