One of the many fun things we do at the Modern Quilt Guild is swaps; everyone makes a small project, puts it in a paper bag, and puts it on a table. Then everyone picks a random bag so that they end up with someone else's project. It's fun to see what everyone comes up with, and you end up with something cute to take home! This month's swap was pincushions, and I had a lot of fun following Yellow Spool's tutorial for this one with a cute embroidery hoop: Pincushion made from yellow and green text fabric, with embroidery hoop base and heart pins stuck in it

The fabric is from a Michael Miller line called Just My Type (in "Letterpress"). I am somewhat obsessed with these prints at the moment; my love for Michael Miller's cottons is well documented, and the colors are fantastic. I used a bunch of them for the hexie quilt (coincidentally they were just the colors I needed!) and have plans to make some modern baby quilts out of them soon - luckily my local fabric store has most of the prints in stock still. A fat quarter was more than enough to make this little guy, with enough left over for probably one more if I'm lucky. I was really tempted to keep it, but I'm glad I decided to swap, because I got the cutest strawberry!

Pincushion shaped like a strawberry

It was made by the lovely and talented Kam (she blogs over at and you should go visit). I just got my strawberry patch in a few days ago, so it was good timing! I also love that it's hanging; I have a little row of hooks that sits just to my left when I sew, and this is perfect to hang off of one of them for easy pin access.

While I was at it, I made a second pincushion that goes over the wrist, to wear when I hand sew. I wasn't sure if this was a thing other people would want or need, so I didn't want to make one to swap until I've tested it out. I've been doing a lot of hand sewing lately, and have a really bad habit of sticking needles and pins into the arm of the couch. Not only is this bad for the couch, but not too long ago I managed to get a needle puncture to the wrist after bringing my hand down in the wrong spot. I've been trying to keep them in a bowl since then, but it's a pain to have to reach over every time I need a pin or a place to put my needle temporarily. I'm pretty much constantly finding needles in the laundry that have fallen off of shirts I've stuck them into, so I'm hoping this eliminates that problem!

Wrist pincushion with pink sewing machine on it

This print is a fabulous one from Timeless Treasures called Adult Novelty (in Sewing Machines). It has a bunch of sewing machines from different decades, in really bright colors; this one is one of the 1930s ones. It was pretty simple to make, although I think next time I'll put some cardboard in the bottom to make sure nothing sharp gets through. I've been using it for a couple of days though, and so far no puncture wounds for either me or the couch :P.

If you're curious about what goes on at the guild (or want to join!), you can see more over at the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild's Instagram feed or visit the blog, where there's lots of pictures and information!