Another hexie project

Remember when I finished the hexie duvet and I said I'd take a break from hexies for a while? You all knew I was totally not going to follow through on that, right? Good, because I couldn't resist! paper pieced hexagons in yellow, green, gray, white, and orange fabric

I got the this fabric (Comma by Zen Chic for Moda) from my mama-in-law Leslie for Christmas last year, and I loved it so much that I've been hoarding it for just the right project. It was a jelly roll originally, so I've been researching various patterns for strips, just felt like it needed to be patchwork, and squares aren't really a thing that grabs me. Despite my frustration with how long the first hexie blankie took, I loved the process (making and sewing hexies is pretty meditative) and it came out looking amazing. The picture of these fabrics in this pattern just wouldn't go away, and I figured six months was probably enough to think about it. The start of this was also aided by the sudden onset of super warm weather here in Seattle; when it gets too hot in the afternoon to machine quilt, this is a good alternative.

These hexies are even smaller than last time, at about an inch across. While they're definitely a bit harder to get used to at first, it didn't take too long to get the rhythm down again, and having them so small means they can be stored pretty conveniently:

paper pieced hexagons, thread, and a thimble in a carrying case

I learned a lot from the last blanket, not the least of which is that these little guys take a lot of time and patience, so this project isn't for anybody or anything in particular. I'm not even all the way sure what it will be - I think that will depend on how big it is when I get sick of it! I also cut the fabrics in a hexie shape to start out with, instead of squares; the squares worked fine last time but did create a bit of bulk in some of the seams, and it's looking a lot neater this time around. Admittedly, absolutely no one but me cares about that, but it still makes me happy.

the back of paper pieced hexagons in yellow, green, gray, white, and orange fabric

I love all of these fabrics and how they play together, but these ones are my favorites (right now).

three paper pieced hexagons in white, orange, and yellow fabric

Obviously polka dots are always at the top of the list, and the other two kind of look like fireworks to me. I love that hexies made from the same fabric come out looking different, just because of placement.

paper pieced hexagons in yellow, green, gray, white, and orange fabric, in a stack

And on a side note, has anyone else used these full finger leather thimbles?

Full length leather thimble

I love these things. Regular thimbles never seem to fit right, or make the tip of my finger feel weird (and I hate the metal ones). These are made with super soft leather, and the stretchy bit on the back makes it fit your finger really nicely, while still letting you move your finger freely. My grandmother used them quite a bit when quilting, and I've been looking for them for years with no success. I happened to come across one of hers that was still in the package, so now I know that it's made by Dritz and is still around - I will definitely be ordering a bunch to have on hand. Check them out next time you need a new thimble!

Scattered paper pieced hexagons in yellow, green, gray, white, and orange fabric