Nye Quilt

Now that the issue is out, I can finally write about the Nye quilt! Gray and teal modern quilt draped on a table

It's been so hard to keep this one under wraps because I loved it so much, so keeping the secret for 3 months was really tough. It was also my first pattern to be published in a magazine, so of course I wanted to shout it from the roof tops!

Gray and teal modern baby quilt hanging in a playground

I've had some people ask about the process and how this came about, so I thought I'd go over how it happened for this post. I've followed Kristy over at Quiet Play for a long time now (I absolutely love her paper pieced patterns and tutorials), so when I saw that she was starting up an online magazine called Make Modern with Jane (of Where Jane Creates) and Lara (no blog but check out her awesome instagram to see her amazing projects), I decided to just see if I could come up with something worthy!

Gray and teal modern baby quilt draped over a tree

I've been using the Quiltography app to play around with some designs, and this quilt came out of one of those. I might post a more in depth review of Quiltography at some point, but basically I feel it's a worthwhile tool for the price; there are some shortcomings but it's pretty helpful for $15! I sent in a sketch to their submissions page, and heard back from Kristy pretty quickly that they liked it, but wondered if I could play around with it and make it more modern. I took a few hours and reworked it, and came up with the final design, which they loved!

Gray and teal modern baby quilt draped on a fence

That first email was way back in late July, so I had two months to make the quilt and photograph it, not to mention write the pattern and make the template! There was a lot of trial and error for the size of the bow tie blocks; that's one huge shortcoming with the app - there's no measurement aspect to it, so you're still on your own with the math - which is decidedly not my strong suit. I eventually got it worked out though and got to work. Things were going well, until I figured out halfway through that I had been using the wrong white as the background! It was just barely noticeable, but I couldn't let it go, so I had to redo about half of my blocks. Luckily, it gave me lots of practice, so by the time I was done with this thing, I could whip out about 12 of them in a day.

Gray and teal modern baby quilt hanging in a playground

I ended up fussy cutting my fabric so that each bow tie block had a bee and a little beehive included, and I'm so happy I took the extra time because it ended up looking really nice.

Close up of modern baby quilt, fussy city with a bee and a beehive

I'd been writing the pattern as I went along (I find it's easier to do it as I go rather than trying to remember after the fact), so once the quilt was done, I just had to tweak the flow of it to make sure the instructions made sense. We were getting into the rainy season here in Seattle by then, but I managed to get photographs on a rare sunny day over at a nearby playground. I sent everything in (on time, I might add!), and then all that was left was final edits! The magazine did all the technical edits (thanks ladies!), so all I had to do was go over the proof, and the final template needed to be tweaked a bit. And then...I had to wait.

Close up of gray blocks on modern baby quilt, fussy cut with bees and beehives

There was about a month between when I turned it in and when the pattern came out, and it felt like so long, especially after Kristy emailed to let me know that they had chosen my quilt for the cover! I was so thrilled, particularly since all the projects in the issue were so great.

Cover of Make Modern Magazine with quilt by Measured and Slow

So that's the story! If you'd like to make this quilt for yourself, the pattern is in issue two of Make Modern Magazine, and you can buy it (or subscribe!) at their website. Or if you fancy buying the original, it's up in my Etsy shop. And for my fellow quilters, if you're thinking of submitting a design, the ladies at Make Modern are lovely to work with, so I encourage you to take a shot at it!

Close up of gray and teal blocks on modern baby quilt