Spring Wreath Tutorial

We have been graced with a very early spring here in Seattle, and it's put me in the mood for all things bright and sunny, so when I saw these ready-to-make paper flowers at Daiso, I picked up a few packages. You just never know when you'll need some bright tissue flowers, people! Tissue paper flowers, pink, white, and yellowI finally sat down this week to figure out what to make with them, and remembered that I had an extra wreath form (these are obviously easier to get around the holidays, but it looks like they're available on Amazon and at most big craft stores) that I'd saved from a Christmas wreath. A cute door decoration sounded just perfect, so I tied a ribbon around the top...

Empty wreath form with pink ribbon tied to it...and then started to put my flowers together. These things are crazy easy to make, so this would be a great craft to do with kids; I got some that came pre-folded with a twist tie in the middle (makes affixing them a snap) from Daiso, but they're also really simple to make from scratch (this is a good tutorial, and you could use different colors in the same flower). You start by fanning out each side:

White tissue paper flower Then gently pulling up each layer, alternating sides:

Half finished white tissue paper flowerOnce you've pulled up all the layers, you end up with a pretty tissue flower that kind of looks like a peony (one of my favorites!).

Pink tissue flower White tissue flowerThen, I just used the twist ties to tie them to the wreath form:

Back of spring wreath, flower held on with twist tieI didn't really have a plan, so I just put flowers on until it looked full enough, and ended up with a pretty cute spring wreath for the door!

Yellow, white, and pink tissue paper wreathI'm not sure how this will hold up when it rains (although it is under a covered porch), so I may move it to an inside door if it seems to be getting too wilty out there, but it will look cute either way!

Yellow, white, and pink tissue paper spring wreath