Springtime Wall Hanging

Hello everyone, and happy (almost) spring! I finally finished a quilt! It's a mini quilt, but it still counts, right?

I've been doing a lot of quilt designing since I got EQ7, but only a couple of them have actually made it out into the world as actual quilts, so I've decided to make as many of them as I can into mini quilts, on the theory that more of them will see the light of day. I'm pretty in love with this one, which I'm calling "Spring Fling"; it's been raining for about 300 days straight in Seattle (or it feels like it, anyway!), but things are once again green and a few brave flowers are blooming, including all the cherry trees.

I used Cotton + Steel (and one triangle of Sarah Jane, because Narwhals) in a bunch of different prints, trying to stay within the same shades of pink and green, on a background of Kona Cotton in color Nautical. I know everyone and their mother is obsessed with Cotton + Steel, but there's a reason! The prints are adorable, the colors are gorgeous and steadfast, and the cotton is high quality. I can never decide which prints are my favorites, so I've bought a couple of stash boxes from Pink Castle Fabrics and been really happy with the mix that came...it probably helps that the designers love mustard green, pinks, and blues just as much as I do! Also, there's bunnies on a bunch of their lines, and who can resist bunnies??

Lately I've been really interested in how you can make thousands of patterns with just HST (half square triangles) arranged different ways, so most of my recent quilt designs are playing around with that. I've also been thinking a lot about reflections (must be all those pools of water everywhere...), so this design is sort of a play on that and where we put our negative space.

I also had to upgrade my machine last year (a word of warning to those making rope baskets: make sure your motor can handle it!) and I hadn't actually quilted anything on it, so I took it out for a spin and quilted some tulips as borders.

They're not perfect, but I'm coming to accept that my quilting never will be, and probably never should be. As my husband regularly points out, it's what makes handmade things different; the "mistakes" are sometimes the thing people love about it. Which doesn't mean I'm not going to try...just that I won't take it out more than once. Or twice. Three times, tops! I quilted it with Aurifil thread; a variegated green color on the pink and green triangles and a navy blue on the negative space. I've switched over to Aurifil almost exclusively; it's the only thread I've found that doesn't give me a lint headache while I'm making the rope bowls, and there's no sense in buying one set of thread for those and one set for quilting! I do use 40 weight thread though. I know a lot of quilters who swear by 50 weight, but it's too thin for the bowls, I've found, and doesn't make much of a difference to me when quilting. I think it made a pretty cool pattern on the back though, since I outline quilted the whole thing.

For the binding, I used a bit of quarter inch bias tape I had laying around, which I did by hand. I swear, I really did attempt to machine bind it, but I just never like the way it looks. I realize that I probably never will until I practice, but for now, I like the peace of hand sewing, and it's kind of nice to just take a minute to sit with your quilt, so I'll probably stick with it for the forseeable future!

Spring Fling (along with some new bowl designs) is up in the shop, so if you're looking for a bit of springtime for your wall, now would be the chance! I think I've made the decision to keep just my Amazon shop; I think it's a bit easier, both for me and for you guys, but feel free to send me feedback on that if you have an opinion one way or another - it's always nice to have your input :).