Bunnies and Elephants (a review)!

A while ago, someone suggested that I follow Lucy Blaire on Instagram. She pretty quickly became one of my favorites, and I was really excited when she came out with her Archer Rabbit pattern...and offered it for free on the first day! I made time in my schedule right away, and it might be my favorite pattern of the year. My first versions were made just in time for Easter, to give to a couple little ones in my life:

Let me start by saying that this pattern is pretty easy, but incredibly satisfying. There's not too many parts, it only takes a fat quarter of fabric, and you can use all those pretty scraps you've got lying around to line the ears. As with all of Lucy's patterns, the placement for the eyes and mouth is very clearly marked on the pattern pieces, so there's no guessing game when you have to place either (my least favorite part of knitting stuffed animals: not telling me what row the eyes go in!). It's also very difficult to mess up; you can see that the ears are a little different on the navy one because I placed them funny, but he still looks pretty cute! I used safety eyes on these guys, and they looked great even though the size was a little big. I liked the pattern so much, as a matter of fact, that I made a little Archer Rabbit army (some of which are still up for sale in the shop)!

I may have gone a little overboard, but they're just so fun and cute! Since I was intending that these be for babies, I changed up the eyes a bit and used little circles of felt that I then embroidered over with black thread on my sewing machine to make them super secure; I think they're still a bit large but overall I'm happy with how they came out.

I got to use some of my favorite fabrics that I only had a bit of, and had a lot of fun deciding on which prints would go with which ear accents; there's a lot of Cotton & Steel in there, as well as some extra Far Far Away and some leftover First Light. I think this guy is my favorite...but my favorite does tend to change depending on the day!

Once I got done with the bunnies, I wanted to tackle something a little more complicated, and my cousin requested some elephants to give at baby showers, so I tried out another of Lucy's patterns, the Flora Elephant.

This pattern is also, not surprisingly, great, although it is a bit more complicated than the bunnies. Flora is bigger, so she takes more fabric, and her arms and legs are made and stuffed separately from the body. Because of that feature, she takes longer to sew up at the end - you have to ladder stitch the back, and each arm and leg separately. The feet gave me some trouble when I started out; the foot bottom is the same contrast lining as the ears, so you have to sew the oval to the main leg, and mine were a mess of wrinkles at first. I'd say it's worth muddling through, though, because they're really adorable! I made two Floras, and the second one turned out much better on the first try.

And these Floras got an extra touch; the baby's name embroidered on the foot!

I highly recommend both these patterns, and there are a bunch more where they came from! Flora came bundled with three other animals; a giraffe (next on the list!), a lion, and a hippo, all of which are incredibly adorable. I also recommend following Lucy over on Instagram; you'll see lots of cute pictures, and get a heads up when the next pattern comes out!